Abdul Malique (Shoruala)

Abdul Malique was born on 1st February 1926 in the village Shoruala which is in Biswanath Union. Father`s name is late Assodhor Ali and mother`s name is late Mastura Begum. From M C college doing the degree in 1945 and in 1946-48 doing BCSC and 1956 doing the training in Forestry America Wisconsin University.

In 1948 he started work as a vice secretary of forestry in East Pakistan and then as secretary. He retired in 1983 as head of forestry in Bangladesh. Then he worked in Asia Development Bank, World Bank, Bangladesh Forestry as an adviser.

In beginning of 90`s Md Abdul Malique built a branch for the International Union for Conservation of Nature and Natural Resources ,Bangladesh Country Office linked with Geneva and he was the Director of it.

At present he is involved with various social and domestic activity. He was the president of Jalalabad Association in Dhaka. He is a secretary of the local Mosque.

In private life, His married to Sayodha Bulbul Choudary , son Dr Shahin Malique who is a great lawyer, Professor and two daughter Shadmony Malique, Shahnaz Malique.