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Welcome to Biswanath Online, the official website. Biswanath is situated in Sylhet, Bangladesh. After the Conquest of Gour in 1303, three disciples of Shah Jalal; Shah Kalu, Shah Kabir and Shah Chand, migrated to modern-day Bishwanath. The British Raj granted zamindari to Baburam Jivan Ray and his son, Bishwanath Ray Choudhury. They established the Bishwanath Bazaar, named after the latter, which gradually expanded. Bishwanath was established as a thana in 1922. It became an upazila in 1983.[2][1]

Area Total  214.5 km2 (82.8 sq mi)


Bishwanath has 8 Unions/Wards,

122 Mauzas/Mahallas, and 432 villages.

The unions are:

  1. Lamakazi Union
  2. Khajannshi Union
  3. Alankari Union
  4. Rampasha Union
  5. Daulat Pur Union
  6. Bishwanath Union
  7. Deokalas Union
  8. Dashghor Union

Biswanath before 1978





1st Women college in Biswanath, which is situated in Shoruala.


Biswanath Upazila Football Team, Champion of district competition 2016/17

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